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chair glides for hardwood floors

April 24, 2019 | Chairs

Chair Glides Hardwood Floors |

Chair Caster Wheels, Casters For Hardwood, Chair Glides, These roller blade chair caster wheels have soft treads that work for almost any floor surface including hardwood floors, carpet, cement, laminate, tile, marble, etc.

Furniture Socks, Set of 8 – Furniture Feet – Chair Glides, If these were a little less expensive, I’d buy them for everything in the house! I ordered one pack to see if they’d help with an antique chair that has worn wheels that scratch the floor.

Stool & Chair Glides with Nylon Base, Stem Type E, Very helpful . Your review: These chair glides helped a lot in my classroom to prevent students from rolling all over the room. Before I got them I spent most of the time I had to discipline students focusing on them rolling around. Now my room is much more quiet without the sound of wheels turning every time they move or breathe.