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grow light for succulents

February 9, 2018 | Gardening

Echeveria - Care Tips for Growing Succulents Indoors

6 Easy-to-Grow Indoor Succulents | Espoma, Succulents are a trendy decorative addition to any home. This diverse group of plants offers endless color variations, as well as low maintenance options for your indoor space.

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Succulents | Costa Farms, Grow succulent houseplants in the brightest spot you have. They love a sunny window sill, but also thrive under bright artificial light, making them ideal accents for your desk at work or school.

How to Grow Haworthia Succulents Indoors – The Spruce, Haworthia species like bright light, but not direct sunlight. These grow in similar conditions to other succulents. In their native environment, they are often found in the shade of a rock or other object.