indoor living wall planter

February 26, 2018

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DIY Living Wall Planter Tutorial – Pretty Handy Girl, DIY Living Wall Planter Tutorial. For anyone who lives in a “not so sunny” place (and needs a quick pick me up from the dull grey skies), you’ll find this easy DIY Living Wall Planter Tutorial just what you’ve been craving.Even if you live in the sunshine state, bringing the outdoors inside may have a lot of benefits for your health.

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GRO Products Vertical GRO Wall System with 9 Planter Boxes, Maximize your garden space with this GRO Products Vertical GRO Wall System with 9 Planter Boxes.This versatile vertical growing system is easy to assemble and only takes a few minutes. It’s built in the USA from naturally rot- and insect-resistant western red cedar.

Green wall, A green wall is a wall partially or completely covered with greenery that includes a growing medium, such as soil, water or a substrate. Most green walls include an integrated water delivery system. A green wall is also known as a living wall or vertical garden.It provides insulation to keep the building’s inside temperature consistent.

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