light switch for ceiling fan

July 10, 2018

Westinghouse Ceiling Fan Light Switch-7702300 - The Home Depot

Appliance, Ceiling Fan Speed and Light Lamp Switches at, ZE-228S brass pull chain 6A-125V 2-speed CEILING or PEDESTAL FAN speed switch: Off; High =L-1; Low =L-2: US$10.32: Zing Ear ZE-228S replaces Leviton 1690; also Jin You and Santa 2-Speed Pull Chain Ceiling Fan speed switchs: Zing Ear ZE-228S can also be used with 1N5404 diode for bright/dim incandescent or halogen lamps

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Ceiling Fan Parts – Replacement parts for all ceiling fans, The wall switch used on a ceiling fan can control voltage to the fan through the fan supply wires or send radio wave signals through the air. The one using radio wave signals is identical, in basic operation, to the hand held remote control.

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