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microwavable neck pillow lavender

September 22, 2018 | Gardening

Best Scented Pillow Products on Wanelo

How to Make a Microwaveable Neck Wrap: 14 Steps (with, How to Make a Microwaveable Neck Wrap. Microwavable neck wraps are used to relieve tension from overworked muscles or stress. Many people hold stress in their trapezius muscles, the muscle that extends on each side of the neck from the

Understanding Filler Materials: Polyfil, Pellets, For those who choose goose down, I would stress the importance of finding a supplier that sources down humanely. Most goose down is obtained by literally ripping the breast feathers off a live goose (imagine having the hair ripped off your head), then letting the feathers grow back and doing it again in a few months.

Hot & Cold Natural Therapy Pacs – Order online at Grampa’s, Hot and cold therapy packs from Grampas Garden. Pacs are filled with grains with a hint of pure cinnamon and clove. Our spa line has an added pinch of peppermint and lavender. The aroma is gentle and not over powering.