sonic mole repeller review

May 31, 2018


Victor Sonic Pest Chaser Rodent Repeller — Model# M792, The heavy-duty Victor Sonic Pest Chaser Rodent Repeller emits high frequency sound waves that effectively repel rodents from protected areas. With more than 2 times the power output of standard ultrasonic pest control units, this PestChaser is ideal for use in larger rooms, such as kitchens, garages, attics and basements. A 6 ft. cord enables ideal placement.

Deer Repeller Pro – electronicpestcontrolpro, – On sale this week for $69.99! – Try it abosultely risk free for 30 Days. The #1 deer repeller on the market. Guaranteed to eliminate your deer problem.

How To Get Rid of Moles | Updated for 2019 –, Moles are an underground wildlife pest that can be tricky to spot and even trickier to get rid of. While they can help rid your yard of insects, their underground tunnels are infamous for destroying lawns and gardens.

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